Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hey Good Looking - Part II

So, I finally did it. I convinced everyone to get a formal portrait taken of the three generations of Reed men. I thought my biggest battle would be Harry, but that was easy. I just reminded him that Aunt Elsie wants to see them together. Then I thought Peter would argue about it, but he was surprisingly okay with the idea. Nope, no problems. Well, it turns out that Phillip was the difficult one. I couldn't believe it! My little man who smiles at everyone and everything would not have any part of the photographing experience at all. No siree, he was not going to participate. I fed him, burped him, napped him, changed him, brought his favorite toy,.... Nope not so much as a grin. So folks, this is the best shot. Gotta love kids on picture day!

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