Thursday, April 2, 2009

And the story continues...

Okay, back to the portrait studio day... Here are some more pictures. The one of Phillip is for pure enjoyment. The only thing missing is his just-too-adorable ear-to-ear grin that he refused to show us until the very second we stopped taking photographs. Go figure!

The one with Peter holding Phillip is classic. You have Katie just about to attempt to wink at me off to the side. Apparently that is her latest thing. Whenever someone tries to take her picture, she tries to wink and ends up distorting her beautiful face into and Igor-like configuration. Experienced moms tell me all toddlers do this sort of thing. Uh, okay, but I want to capture her radiant smile that melts my heart. But that is not what sets this picture apart from all the others. Take a close look. A really close look. Do you see it? Double-click the image to enlarge, if necessary. Phillip grabbed Harry's hair and would not let go. Really! See his little hand with a tight fistful of hair? This photo was snapped right before Phillip yanked Harry's head back. Peter was in hysterics at that point as he knew full well what was about to occur. Can you see his devilish grin starting in this picture? Katie looked at Phillip in disbelief. If only the photographer snapped that exact moment, what a photograph for the family album!

Now, Phillip was not done grabbing people. In the last photo, the one with Phillip and Katie in Grandpa's lap, Phillip kept tugging on anything Katie (hair, dress, arm, you get the idea) that Katie had enough and was contemplating responding as only a toddler can, but she retrained herself. (Thank you, God! I did not need a battle between siblings on top of the other issues of this photo session.) However, Phillip's grabbing at Katie was not without consequences. She refused to look at the camera, let alone smile, out of fear that Phillip would strike again.

Then the photographer had the brilliant idea of having Phillip sit in Katie's lap. Oh yeah, that went well! I refused to purchase a copy of that image. Katie was not about to let Phillip maul her. Like I said before, gotta love picture day!

I wish I could say the adventure stopped there, but alas, it continued. While I was waiting to preview the images - Did I mention I was waiting? Waiting. What is it with JC Penney Portrait Studio that they make you wait for at least 30 minutes before you can preview images? Pet peeve, but I digress - So there I was waiting with more and more people around me by the second when Katie loudly (as in basically yelling) that she has found something for me.

Now let me set the scene. There were about fifteen or so families, maybe more, packed wall-to-wall in the front of the studio. I was up near the registers, so Katie had to weave through the crowd. Next to the studio are other departments. Katie was supposed to be taking a walk with Daddy, Phillip, Grandpa, and Thea. Here comes Katie. "Mommy, I found this for you," she proudly announces in order to be heard over the din of many voices. People part like the red sea to let her come through and bring me a WonderBra with shiny rhinestones in between the cups. I know the bling attracted her attention, completely unaware of the garment's use.

After I calmly herd Katie back to the rest of the snickering family, and suggest that she put the pretty item back where she found it, I wade back through the growing sea of people in a futile attempt to get someone's attention to ask how much longer. "Hi." I turn to my left. It was a family that we know through day care. Their daughter is in Phillip's class. Yup. There were witnesses.

Ahhh, like I said, you gotta love picture day!

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