Thursday, March 5, 2009

Small Things

It's the little things...

  • The way Peter's eyes crease at the corners when he smiles.
  • Katie's nightly request, "Cover me, Mommy, with [Great] Grandma's blanket. It has her love."
  • Katie calling to Peter, "Tell me a Peter Rabbit story, Daddy," and giggling at the crazy adventures and wacky characters Peter creates just for her.
  • Phillip curled up in his crib, tightly hugging his little blue teddy bear that Aunt Lynn gave him on the day he was born.
  • Katie sitting in her car seat with her sunglasses on (usually upside down).
  • Phillip's toothless smile stretched from ear to ear with genuine enthusiasm at seeing me.
  • Katie running into my arms each day, "Mommmmmmy!"
  • Peter reaching to hold my hand at an unexpected moment.
  • The imagination of a child.
  • Katie reading Phillip a story while he gets his nebulizer treatment, and Phillip smiling at her the whole time.

What tugs at your heart strings?


  1. Hi Heather!

    Welcome to the Blogging! I checked in yesterday and really enjoyed reading your posts. I'm hoping to update some interior house shots soon on our blog -it's been crazy at work so I've been a little slow with posting.

    You "owe" me an email/call! :) Miss you. Jill

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  3. Thanks, Jill. I suppose it was about time considering all the blogs I belong to and the comments I make. Plus, we use blogs with our students.

    P.S. - Check your inbox. wink